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updates about #AFAC2015!

There was no moment when specialty coffee ‘came’ to Indonesia. It was not the work of one person, or one group, or one fleeting trend. It was thousands of people, each looking at the potential of Indonesia and saying:


“Let’s get it done.”






The transformation of Indonesia from a coffee backwater to a producer of the world’s finest beans, most talented roasters and baristas, and best cafes was not the work of any one person. It was a community effort.


That’s what A Festival About Coffee is. A celebration of our community. A chance to show off what we’ve created. A space for coffee lovers to hang out and drink some amazing coffee..


A Festival About Coffee will return for two events in 2015 -- a pop-up cafe at Brightspot Market and a full event in October. If you're interested in participating, please email us at hello@afestivalaboutcoffee.com.